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Cufflinks made of natural stone onyx - angular large


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Cufflinks made of natural stone Onyx - angular large

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The cufflink

The cufflink is an important and indispensable part of the Lord's formal evening wear and, according to Knigge, is indispensable on official, formal occasions and celebrations.

The origins of the cufflink

The cufflink first appeared and was seen in the course of the 18th century. His establishment in the upper circles of the middle and upper class, however, he found only from the 19th century. The cufflink was a gem and a status symbol at the same time and could not be missed on any official occasion. After this time, demand initially declined again. Coco Chanel, however, brought the cufflink theme back into the minds of men as she made fashion jewelry sociable. To this day, the cufflink has remained a special accessory, which may not be missing at celebrations and festivities or even on official occasions and both adorns and etiquette reflects.

Onyx - a special natural stone

The onyx is a very popular gem. It belongs to the mineral stones and has its origin in the volcanic rock, the magma. He is mostly black and partly covered with white layers. The color is particularly dense and hardly transparent. The gemstone Onyx often comes from the countries of Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay or Madagascar and has a particularly noble and valuable effect. The delicate silk gloss or wax gloss also contributes to this. In addition, the stone is relatively hard and therefore insensitive. He is not fissile and has a mussel break. Known is the onyx in addition to its preference as a gem stone as a healing stone. Worn close to the body, the Onyx should have a healing effect and have a positive effect on the skin, hair and nails. He should also accelerate wound healing, reduce fever and improve blood circulation. The onyx is also called the "stone of strength". Because of its color, the onyx in conjunction with cufflinks fits perfectly with black tie occasions.

The right combination

The label specifies exactly how the cufflink should be worn. Basically, the cufflink has the function to close the envelope cuff of the men's shirt. For this purpose, two holes are specially incorporated, through which the knob can be guided and attached with the pin. The cuff is worn to a dress shirt or business shirt with double cuff. It is important to match the color of the cufflink to the rest of the outfit. Ideally, the cufflink should be the same color as the belt buckle and wristwatch. Worn under the jacket, the cuff protrudes about an inch below the jacket sleeve, so that the cufflinks are clearly visible.

The rectangular cufflink

These cufflinks are silver colored and have a rectangular shape. The center of the cufflink adorns a large, rectangular onyx. The stone is black and has a noble shine. The silver of the cufflink is slightly shiny. The cufflinks each consist of a pair and are provided with a flexible folding pin as a closure, which can be simply folded over to lock the button in the buttonhole. The corners of the cufflinks are slightly rounded. The cufflink convinces with a simple elegance and fits perfectly to the dress code of evening events or even to the business outfit. The cufflinks are stylish in a black folding casket Prestije, which is designed white inside.

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