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Cufflinks made of natural stone onyx square


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Cufflinks made of natural stone onyx square

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The cufflink Cufflinks complete the outfit, are an expression of personality and style and are part of etiquette. Properly worn, the wearer radiates respectability and shows that he has both taste and behavior. Already in the early 18th century, the gentlemen discovered the effect of the cufflink. Later, in the 19th century, the cufflink was a sort of status symbol of the middle and upper classes. Today, the shirt with cufflink is often seen on formal occasions and celebrations such as weddings or birthdays. But even in the office, the cufflink does not look overdressed.

The square cufflink These cufflinks are timeless classics. They are simple and very stylish and look very masculine in their square shape. The center of the cufflink is dominated by a black onyx. This gemstone is particularly expressive and looks classy due to its soft shine and its rich color. The version of the stone is held in silver. As a closure is a rod lock, which can be easily folded to fix the buttons in the cuff button holes. The cufflink with its angular shape has a clear lines and is neither dominant nor pretentious. Nevertheless, he stands straight in the eye and reflects the stylistic certainty of the wearer. The cufflinks are available in pairs and come in a stylish, black cardboard box with white lining by Prestije. Packed in such a way, the cufflinks are also the ideal gift and can always be stored safely or taken away well away on trips.

The onyx The onyx is a natural stone, which is formed from the volcanic rock, the magma, and has a special hardness. He usually has a black color with a white grain, which resembles a mussel break. The stone itself is mostly opaque. The surface of the onyx shows a subtle silk or wax gloss. As a result, the stone is particularly noble and valuable and is often used as a gem stone. In addition, the onyx is said to have healing properties. He has a positive effect on skin, hair and nails and strengthens the immune system. He helps with sudden falls, lowers the fever and mitigates the weather sensitivity. He should generally ward off negative influences and give strength to his carrier.


Properly worn For special appearances, the outfit should be one hundred percent and nothing should be left to chance. Accordingly, it is important to know exactly how the cufflink is worn. Here you need a shirt with an envelope cuff. Also, the terms double cuff or cuff are common. Similarly, the dress shirt is a shirt, which necessarily requires a cufflink. In the cuff of the shirt are two predetermined buttonholes. Through this, the thin end of the cufflink is guided and folded the rod. The cuff should extend to the thumb knuckle and worn under the jacket worn look about an inch below the sleeve hem. So the cuff and piece of jewelry is clearly visible. It is also particularly important to match the color of the cuff to the rest of the accessories. Both the color of the cufflinks and the belt buckle and wristwatch should match.

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