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Wooden fly Celtic with flourishes


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Wooden fly Celtic with flourishes

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The combination of Brown wood, and the typical grain and the classic flying shape ensures that this Holzfliege is very elegant yet innovative. Because Holzfliegen ensure that the classic bow tie back versatile is used and the events are changing. Because a Holzfliege is no dusty Mr. accessory that is suitable only for a specific dress code, but a real fashion statement that is suitable for a wide range of occasions.


The warm brown wood of this bow tie and the beautiful grain give an elegant Touché which is still supported by the classic flying form this Holzfliege. This form emphasizes the classic look of the fly, which ensures that the Holzfliege in a wide variety of outfits can be ideally integrated to add Polish to this Holzfliege, an image was installed on each wing. This image acts as if it in the fly would be been burned, which enhances the typical wooden character. Because the black lines that characterise the image on the fly to add a rustic but still elegant charm of the fly. The image is a Celtic node, which is available in Nordic mythology for the infinity. As a result, those nodes also is closed and it is not possible that you have a beginning or end of a recognized. These figures underline the rustic and elegant charm of the Holzfliege and give a touch of charm. By the fact that this fly is crafted from high-quality wood that is missing the signature fly knots. As a result, a fabric Strip is attached in the Middle, representing the center of the fly. For this, a black fabric with a lustrous finish is selected, resembling leather and this enhances the sophisticated wood looks great. This fly Celtic style can be worn with a white shirt and a classic Blazer, but combined with a shirt in vivid colors it unfolds 

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