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Sporty wooden fly with middle wheel


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Sporty wooden fly with middle wheel

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This modern wooden fly is very discreet and looks very sporty due to the sophisticated overall concept. As a result, this fly is more suitable for sporting occasions or for combining with casual garments. The wood chosen for this sporty fashion statement is rather bright and shows the beauty that the natural product wood has to offer. Because the smooth and soft surface ensures that the different shades and thus also the grain of the wood comes to bear clearly. The grain runs vertically. The shape of this modern wooden fly is a classic fly shape in which the ends of the wings are convex and the rest of the lines are straight. In order not to disturb the harmony and the simple beauty of the wood, the application of a classical pattern was abandoned. Therefore, only a continuous line was applied, which reproduces the silhouette of the fly again. This was depicted with a fine black line that looks as if it had been burned into the wood. This emphasizes the wood look and also the slightly rustic charm.


The band that forms the center of the fly is held in a midnight blue. The center of the band forms a golden circle with a light blue dot in the middle. Therefore, four diagonal lines in light blue group and the corners are held by squares in gold. As a result, the pattern is more classic and discreet. This sporty wooden fly is more suitable for casual occasions than for professional appointments. That's why this bow tie can also be combined very well with a shirt with short sleeves. Also a pair of jeans or a pair of chino pants complete this fly very well. The simplest option is to wear this bow tie with a white shirt, but this modern wooden fly also benefits greatly from colorful garments. But patterns also go very well with this simple wood fly, if an outfit is to be designed a little more conspicuously.

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