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Wooden bow tie - milled arrow


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Wooden bow tie - milled arrow

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This fly depicts the selected details in two ways, this fly wood is very sophisticated. Because the image of the arrow, that as a decorative element for this exceptional Holzfliege is selected, is also used for the shape of the fly. Because the two sides of the flies look like the tips of arrows and thus ensure that this fly is very energetic effect. The image of an arrow piercing stylized is represented, was incorporated into the top of the two arrows each.


So that the clear lines, which is already in the General form of the fly, will be implemented by the decorative elements, the two figures from the fly has been milled. This not only ensures that the energetic impression conveyed by this fly is supported, but also give you an exceptional overall appearance. It is a real highlight, that by the milled out images of the arrows that shirt below can be seen. Thus, the selection of the shirt becomes even more important, because it must harmonize with the overall impression of the fly, because the color scheme makes direct influence on the optical effect of the Holzfliege. A fly given its signature shape with the node that is at the heart. The Center is formed in the case of this fashion-forward Holzfliege by a high-quality fabric. This fabric Strip is presented in a silk finish that makes a beautiful contrast to the soft, yet rigid wood. The color scheme of this substance is a modern Fuchsia pattern is still fashion by the selected. The pattern consists of assign points that comes on the structured Fuchsia to showcase. For the fly to reach their full visual effect, a shirt should be selected, that fits well with the silky fabric. A white shirt or a dark-gray shirt can be selected for a serious occasion, while for a casual occasion a denim shirt or a can be combined in a different shade of Fuchsia or lilac. 

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