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Wooden bow tie with butterfly


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Wooden bow tie with butterfly

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Stylized butterflies, which are very rich in detail, decorate this innovative fly made of wood and give a refined but also cheerful charm.

A darker wood was chosen for this fly, that has a slightly reddish cast. This wood is very sophisticated and possess a beautiful grain which supports not only the ground design, but serves also as a quality feature. An innovative silhouette was used for the shape differs by the clear lines but also by the clear edges of the classic flying shape. This flies are not so round and the end of the wing is concave and hold.


The stylized image of a butterfly is shown on each of the two wings. Although the butterflies stylized pictured are, they have been designed very rich in detail, so that gauges are clearly visible. By the black lines that impact the figures to leave, if they would have been burned into the wood of the fly, acts as the wood and the grain very well. Make sure the fly has a Center, although there is no classic flying node, a band was brought in the middle of the fly, that is held in a classic black. While the fabric has a subtle Sheen, highlights the structure, which gives the band a leather-like structure. This completes the design very well and underlines the basic material of the Holzfliege. The fashionable but also very subtle design this Holzfliege, this innovative Mr. accessory can be worn on different occasions. It delivers this accessory for that an outfit, no matter whether for a casual occasion or for a professional appointment is optimally rounded. Especially harmonious effect, the fabric that is at the heart of this fly is again reflected in the outfit. But this Holzfliege also benefits from a vibrant shirt very. This Holzfliege can be combined with a colored shirt jade green, Ruby Red or even violet, a skinny sports Blazer and a distressed jeans for a casual occasion. 

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