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Wooden fly in circle design


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Wooden fly in circle design

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Circles or dots or even polka dots are a popular design for flying for many decades. Because this effect is very versatile and allows a variety of combinations to this fly to be found. Because Holzfliegen very modern are and yet it is not surprising that a circle design was chosen for this modern Holzfliege the classic claim that this time, not give up of Mr. accessory. The rounded shape of the fly supports the classic design of this Holzfliege as well, such as the soft structure, which gives the wood this fashion statement.


Eight equal circles at regular intervals were applied on each side of the fly, creating a very harmonious impression is reinforced by the easy-to-pattern. By the fact that the flies were made of wood, the typical feature lacking a fly: the node that is at the heart. However, this situation has been resolved very fashionable and innovative. A fabric Strip instead of the classic node has been attached, which allow the Centre is represented. The fabric chosen for this modern Holzfliege is black and finished with a slight sheen. The texture of this substance reminiscent of leather, which works very well with the warm wood and gives an own elegance. By the fact that the pattern, as well as the wood, as well as the material very well can be combined, these Holzfliege can be worn on different occasions. If the fly will be taken to a special occasion, the clothes on the fabric of the Holzfliege can be adjusted as well as other men's accessories. Of course, this fly very well with a classic jacket and white shirt or a suit can be worn. The fly to jeans and a colorful shirt can be combined for a casual occasion but also with a beige chinos and a polka dot shirt, this fly looks very good. By the variable nature of this modern and elegant Holzfliege of a true generalist and in every style-conscious wardrobe.

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