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Wood fly with crosshatching


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Wood fly with crosshatching

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For this refined wood fly, a classic silhouette was chosen, which creates the connection between the claim of the classic men's accessories and the innovation of the design. Therefore, the silhouette has been designed with clean lines and rounded ends of the flies, putting the focus on the complex yet understated design. For this fashionable fly a light wood was selected, which has a nice but rather restrained grain. On this warm and soft material, a pattern of clean lines was applied, forming a crosshatch. The same pattern was applied to each wing of the fly, where it was mirrored. The nature of the pattern and the reflection give it its own dynamics, which harmonize with the soft and smooth texture of the wood. The pattern itself consists of four stripes each, crossing diagonally in two pairs. The points where the lines intersect are marked by diamonds. To apply the pattern, only black lines were applied, representing the pattern stylized. The lines look as if they had been burned into the wood, which makes for a very fashionable look.


So that the wooden fly has a center even without the typical knot, a strip of fabric was placed in the middle. This fabric has a shiny finish and is decorated in red, blue and white. The pattern of the fabric consists of squares that are designed to look as if the fabric was embroidered. The squares in red, blue and white form an irregular pattern that is very memorable. As a result, the focus is on the fabric, which is framed very well by the pattern of the wood fly. If this fly is to be combined, then a good option is to pick up the colors of the fabric to create a harmonious overall picture. But also in a classic dress code, for example, for a professional occasion, fits the fashionable wooden fly optimally.

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