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Wooden fly with cube

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For a pleasant evening in the Casino, this innovative fly is made of wood. But also other social evenings or other events benefit when combined a Holzfliege to a matching outfit. A darker wood was chosen for the fly with lightweight red cast, that the soft texture of the wood ideal brings out. The grain, which is not only a design aspect, but also a quality attribute, can be seen best on this base. A classic silhouette, this fly are characterized by the clear lines but also by the rounded ends of the wings. The Holzfliege is kept himself small and this to emphasize the elegant style of this fly. By this fact the Holzfliege looks more reserved and this can be worn on different occasions. Because the selection of clothing determines whether the Holzfliege is an eye-catcher or serves optimally complete an outfit.


As a pattern, the figure has been chosen by cube stylized are represented. On two wings dice are applied, but which are mirrored. While the dice show above the number one and associated diagonal to each other. By the fact that the fly was made of wood, it has no flying node that is at the heart. Therefore, a black strap is attached in the middle of the fly, which has a subtle shimmer. The texture while reminiscent of leather and this leather look is still supported. For a classic evening of Poker, this Holzfliege should be combined with a suit, white shirt and suit shoes. But this Holzfliege also with a red shirt, a gutsitzenden pants and a sporty Blazer can be worn for a casual occasion. In principle this fly can be, carried on the most occasions where on professional as well as religious occasions, the question remains whether the illustrations with the given dress code are in harmony. Otherwise, there's the subtle design, no restrictions in the color palette and thus the selection of the events. 

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