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Wooden bow tie with fish scales


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Wooden bow tie with fish scales

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A dark wood forms the basis for this modern Holzfliege which has been marked with a beautiful pattern with a subtle red tint. A classic flying shape is selected for the shape, whose wing are rounded and which lines are clearly visible. This polished silhouette blends very well with the warm red-brown wood of the fly and ensures that the pattern can be detected well. Despite detailed patterns and the darker shade of wood, the grain is clearly visible, highlighting the rustic and down-to-earth nature of the Holzfliege.


A classic Houndstooth pattern is selected as a pattern. This pattern is used in many high-quality, modern and classic piece of Mr. clothing and accessories and is usually presented in black and white. The stylized shape of the pattern was used for this innovative fly, which ensures that the modern style of this Holzfliege is still captured. The two wings are covered up on a strip next to the center of the fly with the pattern that is small and rich in detail. This, it looks as if the pattern in the Holzfliege would be destroyed. This character of the wood of the fly and cut the pattern as well as the wood grain really pop. While only the outlines have been engraved, making the pattern appear somewhat more reticent, as if it would have been thought color. A black fabric was elected to represent the center of the fly, has a soft lustrous finish. The texture of the substance reminiscent of leather and ensures that the wood character of the fly comes to fruition. This fly works very well with pieces that are made from the same material as it was used for the Holzfliege. A suit but also a fashionable jeans and a white shirt and a sport Blazer to this fly can be combined for a professional occasion. For a casual occasion it is very refined, if a piece of clothing taps the Houndstooth pattern and work with intense colors. 

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