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Wooden bow tie with stars


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Wooden bow tie with stars

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A lightweight rock star feel creates this innovative fly made of wood, which has been marked with an exceptional shape and beautiful embellishments. The wood consists this fashionable fly is kept in a darker Brown on the grain is a great way to showcase. Because the grain is not only an important part of the design, but also a quality feature. The silhouette for this high-quality Holzfliege is unusual and this underlines the special character. Because this form is very angular and the ends of the fly run pointed, so it looks as if the fly would consist of triangles. As a pattern three stars in different sizes are depicted on each wing of the Holzfliege are mirrored. This designed is between the wings one's own dynamics. To install the stylized star on the fly, clear lines in black were chosen. This it looks as if the stars in the fly would been burned, what accentuated the wood effect.


A fabric Strip was placed in the middle of the Holzfliege to give a center of the fly. This fabric is patterned with Indigo, coffee, white and dark blue, the pattern itself consists of individual checks that ensure that the fabric looks as if he would be woven. The squares form an irregular pattern where the darker squares stand out in different colors. This pattern in the unusual colour combination ensures that the special charm is captured this fly. Due the edgy mood, this fly is only suitable for classic occasions or even professional appointments. This innovative Holzfliege for casual or exceptional events such as a concert or a birthday is ideal. However, it is the simplest when tuned the shirt or the other garments in the colour palette of the fly. But also other colors can be combined with this fly. Also Sternenapplikationen on other clothing make sure that the combination with this fly is very harmonious.

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