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Groom suit with a shiny collar


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Groom suit with a shiny collar

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This groom suit, which is held in a light gray and is provided with dark gray accents, which have a beautiful shimmer, is particularly noble. So that the beautiful details and refined accents can come to the fore, a classic suit cut was chosen for this groom suit, which has a slight sidecut. This fit is suitable for a wide variety of body types and offers a high level of comfort as well as a pleasant freedom of movement. To further enhance these aspects, a slit has been added to the back of the jacket, ensuring that this jacket can be worn closed while sitting. The light gray of this suit blends well with the shimmering accents, which are held in a dark gray. The fashionably cut reverse of the jacket is made of this fabric and has a light, almost silky, shimmer, which, looking at the neckline of the vest is directed. It was from this material that the decorative strips were made, which form the strips of the bags. Two pockets have been added to the jacket and vest, providing enough space to carry a smartphone and a handkerchief. The collar of the vest has also been edged with this trim strip, creating a harmonious transition between the vest and the jacket as well as the pants. To recapture the dark gray of the moldings and the reverse, this fabric was also selected for the buttons. Four buttons have been added to the vest's button placket and a button to close the jacket. Also, the two flap pockets are closed by four buttons, which are kept in the same color. A breast pocket with a bar has been added to the jacket, which offers the possibility of combining this groom suit with a pocket handkerchief. Thus, in addition to a bow tie or a tie, a pocket handkerchief can be worn as a gentleman's accessory. The accessories can be kept in the color of the reverse to match the harmony of the suit, but there is also the possibility to match the color with the weddingdress.

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