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Groom suit with plain pattern


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Groom suit with plain pattern

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A special noble combination of color and pattern represents this groom suit, for which a classic cut was chosen. This cut is very beneficial and provides a subtle sidecut for a modern silhouette. This makes this elegant groom suit suitable for a variety of body types and offers an appealing freedom of movement and a high level of comfort. To support these benefits, two slits have been added to the back of the jacket to improve comfort. Because of the increased freedom of movement, the jacket can remain closed, even when sitting, without that the wearer is restricted. To ensure that this attractive cut is maintained and the high-quality look in terms of the design can work, a mixture of 96% wool and 4% Lycra was chosen. The entire suit is in a classic black, with the vest provided with a slightly glossy finish. A beautiful accentuation is made by silver trim that surround the reverse. To enhance the high-quality look, a textile look was chosen for the trim strips, which gives the suit an attractive structure. These trims were also used to encase the vest and thereby set a nice accent. Because the vest has a nice V-neck, which is emphasized by the silver trim. In order to increase comfort, two pockets have been added to the vest and the jacket, making it possible for a smartphone or even a handkerchief to be worn on the body. So that this noble groom suit can be complemented by a beautiful pocket handkerchief, a breast pocket was integrated into the suit, which was provided with a bar. The buttons, which are used to close the jacket but also the vest, are held in a black, slightly shiny textile and thus fit perfectly into the overall look. In each case four buttons per flap pocket were used and a button that serves to close the jacket. To support the elegance of this groom suit, a double button closure has been added to close the vest, where 2x3 buttons are used. Combined with an elegant handkerchief and a beautiful bow tie or tie, which are oriented to the silver accents transfom the groom suit to an eyecatcher.

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