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Shiny groom suit in red


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Shiny groom suit in red

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The extravagant version of a fashionable bridegroom suit is this model, which stands out with its intense color combination. Because for this suit, the classic combination of black and an intense red was chosen, which ensures that this groom suit is kept very modern. The fit of this suit is based on a classic suit cut and is designed with a slight sidecut very modern. This makes this groom suit suitable for many body types and offers a high level of comfort and appealing freedom of movement. These two aspects are complemented by the two slots that were attached to the back of the jacket. This will allow the jacket to remain closed even when seated. Due to the fabric mixture, which also consists of 65% polyester and 35% viscose, the chosen colors show off optimally and ensure that this groom suit is a real eye-catcher. The intense red, in which the jacket and vest are held, is complemented by the classic black trousers and accents. Because the reverse is held in an elegant black and slightly shiny fabric and harmonises very well with the buttons, which were also made of this material. The jacket has a button attached, which serves to close the jacket and four buttons per flap pocket. The vest is closed by a button panel, which consists of four buttons. This elegant fabric is also used so that the last of the two pockets, which were introduced into the jacket, stand out from the intense red. In addition, a breast pocket with a bar has been inserted into the jacket, which ensures that a handkerchief can be combined to form this modern groom suit. The men's accessories that are the perfect complement to this beautiful suit, can either be chosen in one of the two colors that has already been used for the design of this groom suit, or it will be combined with a bow tie or a tie and a handkerchief that create a metallic look.

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