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Groom suit four-piece in silk gloss


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Groom suit four-piece in silk gloss

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A high-quality fabric blend of 65% polyester and 35% viscose was chosen for this groom suit, which ensures a comfortable fit as well as a high wearing comfort and appealing freedom of movement. To support this comfort as well as the freedom of movement, a slit was made in the back of the jacket in the middle. This circumstance makes it possible that the jacket can be kept closed while sitting and yet there is sufficient freedom of movement.


The color concept is very modern compared to the fit. Because the jacket was kept in an intense red, while the vest and pants are kept in a classic black. To create a harmonious connection between the various parts of the groom suit, a shiny black fabric was chosen, which was used for a skillful accentuation. The appealing reverse of the jacket as well as the two strips of the pockets are held in this fabric. But the buttons were kept in this look. For the jacket, four buttons were used for each of the two flap pockets and a button was attached to close the jacket itself. Also for the buttons of the vest, which consists of three buttons, these buttons were used, creating a very harmonious look is created. So that even when the celebrations, only the vest is worn, an appealing comfort is created and, for example, the smartphone can be worn on the body, two pockets were inserted into the vest. To perfect the groom suit, a breast pocket has been used to allow a pocket handkerchief to be worn. It is very nice, if the handkerchief as well as the tie is held in the fabric of the reverse. But there is also the possibility of matching these accessories to the wedding dress or a specific motto.

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