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Stylish with checked pattern


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Stylish with checked pattern

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The fashionable aspect of a suit is determined by the combination of color selection, pattern and good fit. All these aspects have been implemented very stylishly in this everyday suit, making this suit suitable for different occasions, both professional and private. The fit of this everyday suit is very classic and receives a modern Touché by the slight sidecut. To maintain the fit, a mixture of 64% polyester, 34% viscose and 2% lycra has been chosen. As a result, the longevity of this everyday suit is guaranteed but also ensures a high level of comfort and appealing freedom of movement.


The stylish and very modern aspect receives this everyday suit by the color design in combination with the classic check pattern. The basic colors are versatile and you can choose between white, light blue, silver, light gray, ivory and blue. The check pattern is in two different colors, with the transverse stiffeners one color and the longitudinal stripes a different color. These form a very harmonious contrast to the basic tone of the everyday suit. The buttons fastened to the flap pockets where four buttons were fastened, as well as to the jacket and button placket of the waistcoat, with five buttons, are color-coded to the plaid pattern. It was chosen a darker shade than that, which is present in the check pattern. Thus, it makes sense to match the matching men's accessories to the nuances of the buttons and thereby create a harmonious overall look. For this suit, classic men's accessories such as a bow tie or a tie should be chosen, as well as high-quality dress shoes and a shirt. The shirt offers scope and can be chosen in serious white, black or gray but also in a color nuance of the check pattern, if the combination should be kept a little more modern or casual.

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