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Three-piece groom suit in subtle coloring


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Three-piece groom suit in subtle coloring

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The dark blue of this groom suit makes this suit stand out from the classically black suits, without losing the elegant look. In order for the chosen color selection to come into its own, a very classic cut was chosen and modernized with a discreet scaling. The two slots ensure that a high wearing comfort is created with appealing freedom of movement. By this circumstance, the jacket can be worn while sitting, closed. This aspect, like the whole groom suit, reflects the combination of classical elements with very modern influences. To set accents for the eye, the reverse was held in a shiny fabric and lined with a border that corresponds to the fabric of the groom suit. This accentuation also ensures that the fit of the suit is emphasized, creating an elegant silhouette. The accentuation is also continued at the vest, where by the same shiny fabric the neckline of the vest is edged. This accentuation is picked up in the buttons and this creates a very harmonious overall impression. The buttons for closing the flap pockets, which are closed with four buttons, as well as for the two buttons of the jacket were used. Also, the vest is closed with three buttons, which guarantees a low neckline and yet a comfortable fit. For added comfort, both the jacket and vest have two pockets that provide enough space to hold a handkerchief and a smartphone. By inserting a breast pocket with a bar the possibility is created that a handkerchief can be worn. It is an option that the men's accessories, such as a bow tie or tie and the handkerchief, on the fabric that was chosen for accentuation, is tuned. But it is also a possibility that these accessories, matched to the wedding dress or adapted to the motto of the wedding.

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