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Shiny groom suit as a four-piece


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Shiny groom suit as a four-piece

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This tasteful four-piece convinces with a slightly shiny fabric and the combination of two coordinated blue tones, which give the four-piece a stylish overall appearance. The pants are made of monochrome fabric, which has the same tone as the vest. Where the buttons of the vest pick up the color and pattern of the jacket. The same applies to the collar and the attachments of the ziertaschen the vest. In contrast, the jacket is in a slightly lighter blue and also has small bright points. The small dots are discreet and emphasize the tasteful impression of this four-piece additionally. The dark blue of the trousers and the vest is picked up in the buttons, as well as the collar and the ornaments of the jacket. The fly combines both fabrics and represents a double fly. This combination leads to a harmonious overall picture, which leaves much to discover, since many ornaments are not noticed until the second or third look and this four-piece is not boring. He offers himself as a suit for a groom, but also as a suit for solemn occasions. The shades of blue harmonize very well with a bridal gown, especially because of the bright spots, so that this quarter piece is well suited for the most beautiful day in life.

Due to the chic vest, the four-piece can be easily worn without a jacket and is still very elegant and complete. The wearer is fully dressed with a jacket as well as without a jacket, and it does not give the impression that a jacket should be worn when worn, which is an advantage of the jacket and waistcoat combination. Vestless suits quickly become incomplete when the jacket is removed. However, this is also desirable for reasons of comfort and so this four-piece offers the optimal combination.

The slightly shiny fabric provides a further eye-catcher on this tasteful four-piece and the cut as well as the high-quality workmanship ensure a successful appearance of the wearer at the wedding or even a celebration.

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