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Versatile Combination Suit Classic


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Versatile Combination Suit Classic

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The restrained look with a very good fit ensures that this suit can be combined very versatile. This everyday suit has a very classic silhouette and thus ensures a beautiful silhouette, which is given a very modern style by the slight sidecut. So that this fit, even with frequent use, is retained, a mixture of 50% linen, 32% polyester, 15% polyamide and 3% Lycra was chosen. Due to the high amount of flax this everyday suit is very light and the combination makes it very flowing. The fabric selection offers a high wearing comfort and an appealing freedom of movement, which is supported by the two slots. This eliminates the need to open the blazer when seated.


This everyday suit can be purchased in red, light gray and gray, resulting in many possible combinations. To achieve a harmonious overall impression, the buttons of the everyday suit were chosen in the same color as the suit had. To close the blazer, two buttons were attached and the flap pockets are closed with four buttons. The vest's button panel is made up of four buttons that make sure that this part of the suit fits just as well as the pants and the jacket. Due to the simple elegance, only the vest can be worn, whereby it can be seen that the back of the vest is kept in a classic black. Due to this fact, this suit can be combined with men's accessories, which are held in nuances of the suit or in classic black. If a high-quality shirt in classic colors is chosen for this versatile everyday suit, then this combination looks very serious. By choosing a colored shirt or corresponding men's accessories, this everyday suit looks rather casual.


Versatile, combinable suit classic
Everyday suit three-piece with matte finish classic look body accented for various occasions free shipping


This everyday suit is very classic in all aspects, which makes the combination options are enormously versatile. The chosen cut gets a modern aspect due to the slight talling, which ensures that the silhouette looks very polished. The wearing comfort as well as a pleasant freedom of movement is guaranteed by the fabric mixture, which consists of 65% polyester and 35% viscose. As a result, the fit is maintained even if this everyday suit is worn frequently.


The dark blue color of this everyday suit harmonizes very well with the classic silhouette and ensures that the possible combinations are very large. In this concept, the buttons are added, which are held in a darker shade but just because of this look very harmonious. The two flap pockets are closed by four buttons and are therefore very good at the arm. The jacket is closed by two buttons and the vest has a button bar, which is provided with four buttons. This everyday suit can be combined by combining it with different men's accessories for different occasions. The most discreet variant is the combination with accessories, such as a bow tie or a tie, which are held in a nuance that corresponds to the basic tone of the suit. Thus even inexperienced men can create a very serious look. If you want it to be a bit fancier, then the accessories and the shirt can be chosen in a color that harmonises very well with the dark blue of the everyday suit, such as wine red or slate gray. Because of this versatility, this everyday suit is a true all-rounder, which can be styled for private events, such as a nice dinner or a holiday, as well as for a professional appointment, such as a meeting.

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